Resource Prediction & Optimization for India's largest integrated ports and logistics company


The client is the largest port developer and operator in India with 10+ strategically located ports and terminals. The company was facing losses due to inaccurate resource prediction leading to higher GCR (Gross Crane Rate), bad stowage score and delayed ITV cycle. They wanted to predict and optimise resources for port operations for efficient decision making.


Predictive Models

We developed predictive models to estimate resources like QC’s (Quay Cranes), ITV, etc. and the average time QCs will take to load and unload containers.

Assignment Models

We developed assignment models to determine the assignment of various resources to optimise the operations time and enhance utilisation of resources (QC & ITV)


  • 20% reduction in Turn-Around-Time.
  • Improvement in resource utilization.
  • Significant reduction in GCR (Gross Crane Rate).



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