Reduce time to insights by almost 90% using LLMs The Impact of Generative AI Solution at a Major Snacking Company


The organization’s consumer insights analysts faced challenges in accessing and utilizing the information effectively for strategic decision making.

They had to manually search through hundreds of documents and create charts and graphs to visualize the data.


We  implemented  a  generative  AI  solution  for this client that automatically ingested and processed documents using OCR, analyzed and understood the content using NLP techniques, provided a user-friendly interface for simple searches or questions using generative AI techniques and integrated with Excel sheets to generate dynamic visualizations.


The company's adoption of this  AI  enabled solution yielded remarkable benefits, such as reduced time  and  cost,  improved  productivity and agility,

valuable insights, and compelling presentations. We reduced the work time by 99%.

"We are excited to use Generative AI and leverage the solution

Exponentia has delivered, which makes our life so much easier."

- Quote from Sr. Director at Client Side

To know more, download the full case study below.



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