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Optimizing resources using predictive models for improved performance


The client that operates 10,000+ ATMs across multiple locations pan-India, was dependent upon manual and traditional methods of cash management. As a result, the client suffered from frequent ATM cash outs, higher turnaround time for replenishment.

They were looking for an advanced analytics solution to help them automate cash management and replenishment.


Advanced Analytics based Cash Forecasting

Advanced Analytics algorithms and ML models were used to forecast cash requirements at any ATM in advance so that ATMs which are likely to run out of cash can be replenished in time.

Automated Workflow Management

Manual efforts were reduced with a workflow management platform that automated processes of- Indent Generation, Indent Revision, sharing statutory (C3R) reports and raising emergency requests with the team.

Mobile application

Mobile and Web applications were developed for all key stakeholders to carry out their functions more effectively. The application was enabled with SSO, integrated with AMS and allowed sharing of alerts and notifications among users.


  • Staff requirement was reduced by 55% due to automation of cash forecasting for 10,000+ ATMs
  • Staff requirement for MIS report management was also reduced by 50%
  • Improved accuracy of forecasting led to reduced number of out of cash ATMs
  • Security risks were reduced due to improved data security and audit facility
  • Introduction of mobile application reduced staff’s dependency on the central team for indent revisions



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