Oil & Petroleum
Increasing Marketing effectiveness through Insights from a Unified Data Consumption Platform


The client is one of India’s largest producers of crude oil & gas, marketing of natural gas, and petrochemicals. They were using multiple data platforms to process data for insights. Due to multiple sources of data collection, they were not able to generate a consolidated view of data insights for effective data-driven decision making.

They wanted to unify data collected from multiple sources at a single platform that provided a comprehensive view of data insights.


Scalability & Agility

Data of 2 crore transactions from 20,000+ retail outlets was presented on dashboards in an hour’s time.

Anomaly Detection

Suspicious transactions were identified using Advanced Analytics techniques and shared with business users for further investigation.

Intuitive Representation

The data of all the 60 use cases were integrated with QlikSense dashboards for visual representation where KPIs and anomalies were highlighted to users for immediate action.


  • The 360 degree view provided comprehensive insights across retail operations.
  • Quick data processing and visualizations saved time and allowed accelerated decision making.



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