Cloud Enabled Insights: Transforming Analytics for a Leading Indian Insurance Giant


For a prominent Indian insurance company with vast operations, managing ballooning data volumes became a challenge. On-premises infrastructure was unable to keep pace, leading to scalability issues. Additionally, prolonged workflow runtimes caused a delay in generating crucial daily insights, impacting operational efficiency.


In collaboration with, the insurer embarked on a transformative journey. Leveraging Databricks Lakehouse on the cloud, a modern Data Platform was architected. This move unlocked dynamic scalability, addressing data growth concerns. Optimizations reduced workflow runtimes by 40%, ensuring timely insights.


The outcomes were remarkable. Insights were now available faster, facilitating real-time decisions. The introduction of Delta Lake brought newfound data flexibility, opening doors to innovative streaming use cases. Financially, the shift to cloud proved 20% more cost-effective over three years. Enhanced data governance and a 50% reduction in quality management time rounded off the successful transformation.

To know more, download the full case study below.



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